Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is the Author Michael Gough?

Michael Gough, CSCS, is a sought after sports performance conditioning expert and coach to many elite amateur, professional and olympic athletes. Mike has held previous positions as Strength and Conditioning Coach with the Toronto Raptors NBA and the Cleveland Indians MLB. Mike currently consults with elite amateur and professional athletes looking to elevate their sport performance conditioning. 

Mike has become known for his innovative methods in preparing athletes for the NFL Combine. Some of his recent success stories are Jospeh Addai from the Indianapolis Colts, Mark Anderson from the Chicago Bears and Scott Young from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Q:What Combine tests are covered in the manual?

Each and every combine test is covered in great detail in the manual. The 40 Yard Dash, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, Short Shuttle, Three Cone, 60 Yard Shuttle, Bench Press, Height, Weight along with the flexibility tests.

Q: What type of gains can I expect from this Combine Prep Manual?

The short answer is, “a lot”. But to be more specific, your gains are proportional to the effort in which you commit yourself to your program. To excel at a football combine, you need to cover two major components: Test Technique Refinement and Sports Performance Training. This manual focuses on the test technique aspect.

You have to make a full commitment to technique refinement, along with your training program that will enhance your performance. If you do the above, you will reap the rewards.

Q: How will the Pro Combine Preparation Manual help me?

The PCP Manual will teach you the detailed technique instruction for all of the NFL Combine Tests. It outlines specifically the step by step instruction you need to master all of the combine tests. The Manual also outlines the Combine process, tests involved and the sample baseline test scores to compare youself against athletes at the NFL Combine.

Also included is sample exercises and drills that you can implement into your training program to increase you performance.

Q: How many pages is the Pro Combine Preparation Manual?

The PCP Manual is 76 pages in length. It is Comb Binded for easy reading.

Q: Is it only for the NFL Combine Preparation?

No. This Manual can be used to prepare for the NFL Combine, Scout Camp Combine, CFL and AFL combines along with the NIKE SPARQ High School football combines.

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